Home Improvement And How To’s

Free Bathroom Tile Makeover
How To Pack And Move Your Clothes In Beastmode Style!
 A concrete  stone with different colored tiles in it.
Concrete Hideaway

Adjustable Water Booster Pump – Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System Water Pressure Booster Pump – 50 to 100 GPD – Easy Setup Pump Increases Filtration Speed and Efficiency – Express Water WooCommerce
Tennis Shoe Makeover
Try Kindle Unlimited

DiY Hanging Lights

Try Prime Wardrobe Now

Night Stand Transformation

Converting Entertainment Center
DiY Concrete Planter

Treestand Bookshelf Coming Soon!
Two Toned Bookshelf Coming Soon!
Broken Tile Island Coming Soon!
Barstool Turned Into A Laptop Holder

Vining Tree Stump
Katie looking all slick
Little Lick & Katie. My Gangsta Pups! Click on names or picture to read their story!
My Trailer Before And After Pictures

I am 47 and have 3 grown daughters. And I have 1 granddaughter who I am crazy about! I am a recovering heroin addict who has now been clean for over 7 years now. Well I should say clean from needles for that amount of time. I can’t say completely clean because my Dr’s had me on methadone pills for a while when I was first released from the hospital. I then self medicated myself and went to a Dr for a while for suboxone. Which I then used to get myself off of the methadone pills. I was paralyzed as a result of using needles. My Dr’s never thought that I would walk again with the amount of infection they had to remove from my spinal cord. Yet I am now walking! Unassisted even. I do not require a cane or anything to walk now, is what I mean by unassisted. I do better with a cane but I can actually do it without it. So I have been back to school and almost have my associates degree in general studies. I was focusing on going to school to be a drug and alcohol counselor. I have changed my mind on that now and I have been focusing on doing affiliate sales and working on my website. These projects that I have been doing for the last 4-5 years is what has been literally saving my life! And keeping me off of the drugs! I am trying to bring about some awareness concerning addiction and what can happen to a person if they use needles with my website. Though I changed my mind on working as a counselor I still want to try and help others out there who are still struggling with their addictions. So I hope that you will follow me either on my blog or my Facebook pages and help support getting addicts the help that they really need. Instead of the stereotype labels they get here in America as well as the criminal label they acquire when they cannot just quit their use of drugs or alcohol.

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