My Tile Projects


DiY Tile Mirror

This is a cheap and easy diy floor size mirror project done with tile pieces that I got for free

DiY Kitchen Counter Makeover Cheap

This is my kitchen cabinet makeover I just did at my home.. With tile, epoxy, grout, and drywall mud used, it has a very different outcome from a lot of normal kitchen counters.

Broken Tile Island

So for this project I have actually finished my island with broken tile and grout. And then I ended up redoing it like a year later. And as you will see from the pictures that I have posted that I have definitely gotten better at doing these things. I decided one day when we movedContinue Reading

Free Bathroom Sink Tile Makeover

So for this project I used all free tiles that I had gotten from my local flooring stores dumpster. The place that we go and check out every so often is actually just like 3 blocks from my trailer. And the place does not care if you get in there and get things out ofContinue Reading