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Cents And Change Saved In Epoxy

So here is one of my latest projects using one of my all time favorites, epoxy resin. I am really not all the way finished with this, but I decided to get it out here. Partially because I think it’s really neat, and I can sometimes lose projects if they get put off for too…

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My Early Thanksgiving With My Family

So this year my oldest daughter announced that she would be doing Thanksgiving this year with her father and his family in Minnesota. So that meant we were going to have to do our family Thanksgiving early this year. So we all ended up agreeing on Saturday the 13th of November. And since Mallory threwContinue Reading

Wooden Epoxy Clock

So for this project I decided I wanted to try turning these round pieces of wood I got from a friend into clocks. And I wanted to try the beach scene with epoxy. I have seen them everywhere on Pinterest, and I have done the ocean scene with my project, “ocean scene picture”. And I…

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Free Bathroom Sink Tile Makeover

So for this project I used all free tiles that I had gotten from my local flooring stores dumpster. The place that we go and check out every so often is actually just like 3 blocks from my trailer. And the place does not care if you get in there and get things out ofContinue Reading


DiY Poof Yarn Rug

View Posts So this is a fairly easy project. Though it is easy, it also is very time consuming! If you are wanting a decent sized rug then we are talking at least 4 hours of working on it with very small breaks. I really can’t say how long mine took exactly, because I workedContinue Reading


Lovin Squares Headboard

So for this project I went a little bit out there and it may not be for some. I am of course still trying to finish it and can’t decide exactly how to get the rest of it the way I want it. But I figured I’d post it and if someone out there likedContinue Reading

Tree Trunk Turned Table With Built In Light

So with this project of mine I had the boyfriend go down to my neighbors and pick out some tree stumps he had all piled up in his driveway. So he ends up bringing this stump to me. Which was a lot larger than what I really had in mind. I was just going toContinue Reading


Concrete & Shells On Bathtub DiY

DiY Concrete Projects So the picture above is of the front of my bathtub. I know that it is a little out there. Most have probably never seen anything like this DIY I have going on here. I am not even sure where on earth the idea came from. I just know that one nightContinue Reading

Old Tennis Shoe Transformation

So here are the tennis shoes after I got done with them. I have actually lost the original picture of what they looked like. So I can tell you that they were just plain white and not really that white actually. So the makeover they got really was a great improvement. I actually never woreContinue Reading

DiY Hanging Lights

So for this project I ended up using 1. Elmers Glue 2. Balloon 3. Bowl (for your glue) 4. Rubber gloves (so you don’t get your hands a nasty mess) 5. Twine (a little thinner twine is what I used) 6. Scissors 7. An old light from those plug in candles that you see atContinue Reading

DiY Photo Branch

So here is a project that me and my granddaughter did over the weekend. She decided after seeing a lot of my different projects around my home that she wanted us to do a project together. One that she could take home to her mother. Shop fairy lights now ! So I decided to tryContinue Reading

DiY Concrete Planter

This DiY project is really pretty simple. It is not at all hard to do as long as you get your rag positioned right while it is drying. The first time I ever tried to do this project I completely screwed it up. Actually I didn’t just screw it up one time, I screwed itContinue Reading

Broken Tile Island

So for this project I have actually finished my island with broken tile and grout. And then I ended up redoing it like a year later. And as you will see from the pictures that I have posted that I have definitely gotten better at doing these things. I decided one day when we movedContinue Reading



Vining Tree Stump

So what I did with this project was I took a tree stump that I got from a friend and I hollowed it out. I went about 6-8″ down into the stump and about 7″ across. Well I guess it would be 7″ by 7″ I went across the top. Sorry I am not theContinue Reading

My DiY Sample Piece Rug Free

So this will be a pretty short post, but I wanted to post it to see if anyone out there likes the rug I made from a bunch of sample carpet boards. And I made it for completely free! I had once again raided our local dumpster. Well our local flooring store dumpster I shouldContinue Reading

DiY Jacket & Glove Holder With Clock

So for this project I ended up using flooring pieces that had been thrown away at the local flooring dumpster. We had found a bunch of pieces of hardwood flooring that I really liked a lot. I wanted to use them in some way for one of my projects. I just wasn’t for sure whatContinue Reading

DIY Altered Sweater

Well this will be One of my first postings in regards to do it yourself projects that I have actually done. I am posting a Sweater this time that I have altered. I took some of the before and after pictures so I could show everyone in case it turned out decent. So what’s aContinue Reading


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