Small Space Living

So I will start off with the fact that I live in a trailer. So I am no newbie when it comes to small spaces or trying to make room where there is no room.


It seriously feels like that is all I do anymore is rearrange things in my home trying to make room for everything!

I will get one project done and most of the way cleared up when I am onto another project. It doesn’t help either, that I am very big on bartering.

Me and my granddaughter up in Indianapolis visiting my oldest daughter when she got back from Asia.

I love trading for new items. I have been selling things online for 2-3 years now. But I really started to acquire a whole lot this last year. I am all the time coming across very good deals with the people that I know. So I will get new things and then I look around and see no room for these new items.

So it’s then time to start another project. I will clear out closets, rearrange areas and rooms in my home, and start getting rid of old things that I really don’t need and would probably never sell. All to make room for my new treasures.

My entryway area by the front door.

I have become an avid do it yourselfer. Since I discovered how to use google when I started back to college about 4 years ago, I have been on a kick of learn everything and do everything myself. So I guess I would call myself a project junkie these days. I have been fixing up my trailer since I bought it 3 years ago. And I never seem to run out of things to do with making it look better in one area or another.


It was definitely a fixer upper when I bought it on contract 4 years ago. Livable, but in desperate need of some TLC.

Picture of my living room before
Picture of the divider between kitchen and living room
This is right by the picture above

This was my laundry area/kitchen before. With the washer and dryer area to the left and the stove to the right.
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And this is laundry area after
This was my bedroom before
Here is my bedroom after
Another living room picture before.

And after
Here was a picture of the kitchen not long ago.
This is a bad picture of my back wall now.
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This is the part of my kitchen that was pictured above. I just redone this area some by hanging the ladder I made up on the ceiling and decorating it. Now it’s decorated and functional. It holds a lot of my smaller pots and pans.

View from kitchen to living room

I will now post some pictures of my front and back yard. I wish I had some before pictures of my yard, but somehow I don’t have too many of before I got started working on it.


Just keep in mind that you could hardly walk around the back of the trailer and get to the front again. It was not a bit walker friendly lol! So when you see some of these pictures they may not appear to be the best landscaping in the world, but it’s actually a lot when compared to how it was here before. And the fact that I have had very little money to fix this place up. I have had to cut corners and find deals where there were no deals basically. Just to get done what I have gotten done so far. And while I didn’t have the money to put into this place like I wanted to do, it did help me a lot with my construction skills, my decorating skills, and many other things I had no clue how to do before I moved in here. So by having to use cheap material and used materials, I definitely got better at doing these things. I have had to rebuild my sheds a couple times now.

Just to make them better and bigger as time has went by. The good thing about that was how I got better each time that I did something. So it is steadily progressing towards better around here. It is a slow process however. And I don’t expect to win the lottery anytime soon. So I will probably just have to keep going the way I have been going.

Water Displays &.My Backyard

This was my diy front yard pond
This was what my back yard water display area was looking like before I got it done.
This was the first water display that I had done in this area
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Here is another water display that I have done in the water display area

Here is the back yard area and the lean to that we built over the summer
Here is my tiki bar area. I have this tiki umbrella on my table sitting right outside the lean to area on the backside. With the bar built into the back of the lean to. (Which I don’t have a good picture of the bar of course)
This is a picture of the inside of the lean to. Which I am trying to turn into an outside living area. You can see the built in bar from this picture. It’s of course not finished. I still have a lot of work to do in order to get it where I want it to be.
This is a not so great picture of the side of the trailer by the woods area. This is the area where you couldn’t even walk through when I first moved in. You can now walk all the way around from the front door to the back door of the trailer.

On a shoestring budget basically. Make sure and check out my post on 11 Creative ways to store your stuff


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