Addiction Issues And The Long Walk Home Part 2

So I am going to try and take off from where I left at from Addiction Issues And The Long Walk Home Part 1. I believe that I had started talking about the Dr’s and the prescribing of opiates. I could be totally off because it has been a minute since I have reread the first posting of this. So work with me here. I am going to just go off on a limb here and start talking about how I am involved in the Perdue Pharmaceutical lawsuit that is going on right now. From what I know of what is going on is that Perdue Pharma is filing bankruptcy to try and avoid all of the lawsuits that were getting ready to come their way. So they have put back like 10-12 billion dollars to settle with everyone who filed a suit and their creditors.

And the creditors I believe will get paid before anyone else. So those of us who have filed a suit against them I guess will be waiting in a very long line when it comes to getting paid some of that huge fortune. That will not be such a huge fortune by the time it gets down to people like me. Either way I knew I had to sign up for this lawsuit as soon as I saw the advertisement for it on Facebook. Almost a year ago now that I saw the ad and I responded. I did not have a clue as to what was going on in our country concerning the opioid crisis and who all was getting sued because of their part in it. I had been lost in my own little world of trying to learn how to cope with my new life without my legs.

And even though I was in college those first few years after I went home from my ordeal at the hospital and rehabilitation center, I still had heard nothing about these lawsuits that were happening. So after I filled out everything that the lawyers wanted to determine if I had a case or not, I then got online and started searching for the Perdue Pharma lawsuit. And oh let me tell you that the internet was definitely flooded with information on this event! So that is how I found out about all of the lawsuits going on in our country.

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This image above is from the media concerning the Perdue Pharma lawsuits

  So anyways I guess there has been lawsuits going on for years concerning some of the pharmaceutical companies. Some were even going on like in 2012. I was a few years off from getting paralyzed back at that time. So I don’t know about whether or not the makers of oxycontin is necessarily responsible for the whole opioid epidemic or not. I mean they just plead guilty to charges of aggressive marketing of the sales of oxycontin. And downplaying the seriousness of how addictive they really were. Just so they could boost their sales. So this is what the media is saying at least.

  •   Personally I do feel like certain ones out there should pay for their hands in out countries opioid crisis. If they knew that these pills were highly addictive and they downplayed that just so Dr’s would push prescriptions to people so they got bigger sales. They definitely should pay for their part in the problems that opiates has caused our country. I know that my boyfriend was getting prescribed 300 Roxicodones a month. And was getting 180 Dilaudid 8mg for breakthrough pain, (I mean can you imagine needing anything for breakthrough pain after taking 10 Roxy’s a day?) and he also was getting 90 blue xanax. 

  And you can read my post on Controlled Substance Scheduling if you would like to know my opinion on xanax .

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42,000 Americans die each year of opioid overdose. Government looks the other way.

Here is some information that I found online about what is going on with all of the lawsuits that are happening across the country. This place is called And I know that they are trying to get people who have been harmed by the opioid crisis in our country to come forward and file a claim of their own.