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Image that looks like a sandal made of epoxy with a magnet in it for holding objects such as paperclips, screws, and misc metal objects.

I call my website Addicted To DiY Projects, the projects that saved my life, because quite literally this is what has saved me. I was paralyzed 7years ago from the waist down as a result of my heroin usage. I have now turned my life around and I no longer need the opiates, or the needles. I no longer have any desire to use the opiates that once had a chokehold on me that I thought I would never ever break free of.

I am also now relearning to walk once again. Against all odds and the Dr’s telling me that it was very doubtful that I would ever walk again. I started this blog to try to get something going in affiliate marketing and online sales. This was before I really understood what affiliate marketing was. (No really go and read some of my first blogs) I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Still don’t really.

But I wanted a way to tell the world what happened to me, and to try to start living a somewhat normal life. (Like get a job and not spend every penny I had on drugs)

And so I became a Do it Yourselfer! After I was paralyzed I had to start over in every area of my life. And I quickly became familiar with YouTube and Google. And it just kept going from there. I love doing these projects! They may not love me all of the time, as you can probably see by some of my results! But either way they have kept me busy and out of trouble for about 6 years now I guess.

So come and check out my website and check out all of my projects that I have been able to post so far. I have lots of other things I am incorporating into it also. But it is a work in progress please remember. And I am self taught on everything from the projects that I do, to setting up this website, blog, and affiliate marketing channels I am working on.

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