My Projects I Have Done With Free Supplies Or With Very Cheap Supplies


  1. Concrete Hideaway This project was done with free grout and free tile pieces.
  2. My Backroom Makeover This project I undertook with my spare bedroom had many free items that were used. There was the paint, the caulking, the tile pieces, the shelves I put in,
  3. Cramped For Space In this project I used a barstool that my daughter was throwing away, and pieces of wood that I had around my home.
  1. Tree Trunk Turned Into Table With Built In Light With this project I got a free tree trunk from my step father and got the light for free from a friend of mine. Put them together and made a project for myself as well as a side table for my living room!
  2. Vining Tree Stump This project I used a free tree stump once again that I acquired from my step father, and a plant that my daughter had gotten me for mother’s day.
  3. Concrete and Shells On Bathtub DiY In this project I got the concrete for free, and got the seashells at goodwill for less than $5.
  4. DiY Cement Planter In this project I got the cement free and the material i used was from goodwill.
  5. Converting Entertainment Center In this project I really didn’t have to buy anything. All that I did was alter a 3 tier glass entertainment center I had into 3 different projects around my home.
  6. DiY Tile Mirror In this post I have taken a plain floor length mirror and added some sample pieces of tile I got for free.