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Free Trade Netherlands

So for anyone who read my last blog that basically introduced who I am and what has happened to me, you will know what this article pertains to. If you have not read my first blog or could not find anything on Free Trade, then let me explain a little more. I have been saying…

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More bad news in Connersville

It was not even a month ago when I had to write a post about my ex-husband Brian dying of an overdose. Now not even a month later I have found out that a friend of mine has heart Failure and just recently went into cardiac arrest up at St Vincent hospital and died for…

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More overdoses in Connersville

Well as I just celebrated my 4 year anniversary since I was paralyzed from using needles, and now 4 years of being needle clean, my ex husband overdosed and died. I have a child with this man and a 6 year old granddaughter. We had been off and on since I was 14 years old.…

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Controlled Substance Scheduling

Well I decided that I just had to share my opinion of this little drug fact that has to do with Xanax. Or you may know them as alprazolam. Same thing basically. One is just a generic form. Now if you are reading any of my blogs here then you probably already know that I…

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The story of Little Lick!

This three legged dog is something else! I have never seen a dog who shows human emotions as well as this one does. He is Katie’s puppy from her one litter of pups she had before we got her fixed. When he was about 7 months old he got hit by a car. I had…

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Click on the link below to read my story of addiction that ended with me becoming paralyzed from the waist down at 40 years old.

Addiction Issues And The Long Walk Home

My dog Little Lick

Click the link below to read part 2 to my story of addiction and becoming paralyzed at the age of 40.

Addiction Issues And The Long Walk Home Part 2