diy tile coasters dipped into spray painted water.
Pieces Of Tile I got for free from local flooring store dumpster. Then did a makeover on them!

So here is a project that I started working on over the summer and I really loved it. I thought that it turned out super cool. With every piece of tile that I used looking very unique, and very neat. So I really don’t know the proper name for how you do these. But basically you will spray your spray paint into a very big bucket of water. And then you will dip whatever you are wanting to decorate, into the water. Very simple right?

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What Supplies You Will Need

  1. Large Bucket (deep enough for whatever you are wanting to dip into it.
  2. Water
  3. Spray Paints (Choose the colors that you will want to be using in your project)
  4. Rubber Gloves
  5. Tile Pieces (If you would like to try the project that I have shown above)
  6. Other types of objects that you might like to try and do.

So you are going to want to find an area where you can do some spray painting and not have to worry about messing up things around you. So get yourself a very big piece of plastic, or take your project outside so you can go crazy and not have to worry about ruining anything but some grass.

Depending on what you are wanting to dip into your spray paint water, will decide how big of an area you will need.

If you are just doing some little tile pieces like I was doing, then you can just get a smaller type of bowl and it should be fine to submerge your tiles.

Now if you are wanting to do bigger items, such as picture frames or glassware, or whatever type pieces you decide to try this on. Just always make sure that you have enough room in order to submerge your item all the way into the water .

You don’t want to get started dipping something into your spray paint and discover as you go down that it is not going to all fit in there.

Diy tile coaster that have been dipped into spray paint.

So once you have your tub of water tea for your dipping, you will now get your spray paints ready. Choose the colors that you will want to work with.

I used a lot of blacks, golds, metallics, plus some other random colors. Just experiment and see what colors you like together. And what colors you don’t like together.

Applying your spray paint

So you will get your large bucket of water ready for your spray paint. And then all that you have to do is to start spraying your paint into the water. Keep the paint nozzle at least about a foot away from the water as you spray. After you get a decent amount of your first color in there, you will switch to another color. And start doing the same thing with it. Your paint in your water should start taking on a form like rings. With each color having its own ring.


So you keep on spraying your different colors into the water until you have all of your colors that you are using in there. Then you will want to start it again. And I usually do at least 2-3 layers of my colors I am using. And depending on how many colors you are using on your paint project. If only using like 2 colors then you will obviously want to spray in you water more than just 2-3 layers. With just 2 colors you will want to at least have 4-5 layers of your paint.

Then once you are all done with your colors in the water, you will want to start dipping your items into the water. So be sure to have some good gloves ready to protect your hands. And by having gloves on you can actually submerge your items in the painted water. Which makes them look much better usually.

Now when you put your item down in the water with your paint, you will want to take it and twirl it around at least one time. This is to ensure that the paint gets on your entire outside of whatever it is that you are dipping. You will see as you spin your item around how the paint willl attach itself to it. And then as you pull it out of the water it will appear to be a part of whatever you just dipped in there. Doing this project will get you some awesome results on some things. And it is a whole lot of fun.

Letting Them Dry

So once you pull your item out of the spray painted water, you will want to put them somewhere safe to dry. Make sure they are in a well ventilated area and laying somewhere that no one will be messing around in. This way they will dry properly. If they get touched at all while not all the way dry, then you will probably ruin your new creation.

So there you have it! Pretty easy right? So you will just have to get in there and try it out and see what works best, and what colors look the best together and on what type of items. But I assure you that you will have all kinds of fun with this project while you are experimenting with your spray paints and color variations.

So good luck and happy projecting! If you like this project and would like to see more like it then don’t forget to subscribe!


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