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DiY Epoxy Candle Holders

These are diy candle holders made with epoxy resin


So for this post I am sharing how to make your own epoxy candle holders. With interchangeable tealights in them. This way you can keep your creation going even after the candle has burned out. They are not a bit hard to do and I have found a lot of different ways to make them. So it is just a matter of personal opinion on how you want to make them.

I decided to try all different types and styles to see which one of them I liked the best. So I did some with just a single tealigjt in them, and some of them I made with triple tea lights in them.

And then I experimented with what to put inside of them as they were curing. I put black glitter in one and then tried things like the colored glass balls in others. So like I said it is a matter of personal preference as you are decorating them.

There are so many different ways you can go with them. So as you figure out what style you are wanting them to be, you will want to be getting your mold ready for your epoxy pour. I just found things around my place that I thought would work well for epoxy to be poured in and to cure right.

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And this ended up being plastic forms I found. Plastic because epoxy does not stick to it like it does everything else in the world. So I just found the right size plastic forms for each one of my epoxy candle holders, and I then proceeded to get my epoxy ready to be poured.

So as you get your epoxy ready. One of your biggest things you will want to be careful of is to get your mixtures correct, and make sure that you mix the 2 parts together thoroughly. If you do not make sure and do these 2 things correctly then you will be left with some epoxy that will never cure properly. No matter how long you would leave it to dry, it will just never get there if you mess up on these things.


Then you will have to go back over it with alcohol, paint scrapers, and sandpaper to be able to get it off your surface. And let me assure you that it will be a mess that you do not want to be dealing with if you don’t have to.

So take my advice and save yourself a lot of trouble while you are doing your epoxy mixing and pouring, and make sure that you do it correctly. Be really sure that you have equal parts of both of your mixing elements for it. Then when you go to stir your 2 parts together, make sure that you stir them for at least 5 minutes. And you will want to stir them slowly. Or else you will produce more bubbles in your mixture.

And extra bubbles in your mixture is definitely something that you do not want to be doing to yourself. So there is no massive rush to it. It hardens fast, but not so fast that you have to rush through any of the steps in getting it prepared the right way.

Now once you have your mixture all the way ready to be poured, you will then start pouring it into your mold that you are using. Once you have it all in there, you will want to add whatever it is that you are going to decorate it with. So if you want to use glitter or color your epoxy, you will want to put it in now.

Along with your colored glass balls, or seashells that you may be using. Now is the time to get them in there and get them arranged where you want them exactly. Then you will want to put your tea lights in. And you will just sit them in there where you want them to be. And you will also want to be sure that you take your heat gun, or your torch to your mixture in order to get out all of the bubbles.

You can use either one of the above items I just mentioned to get the bubbles out. But whichever one you use, just be sure to get in there before your mixture starts to Harden. So that you get all of the bubbles out before it starts to cure. Some epoxy solutions will start to Harden faster than others will. So just be a little bit familiar with how much of a time limit you are working with.

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So then you will want to put your epoxy mold up somewhere that it will be out of the way while it is curing. And just let it cure. I would suggest at least letting it cure for 24 hours. Probably won’t need quite that much time. But it is always better to be safe than sorry.

So just be patient, and make sure to let it cure all the way before you start to mess around with it. And after your 24 hours are up, you should be good to start getting it out of its mold. You may have to cut your plastic mold if there is a whole lot of sticking.

But hopefully you won’t have that problem. And if everything goes right and your epoxy cures correctly, then you should be able to just pry it out of there with a long knife. And if you are careful when you go to get it out, then you will probably be able to reuse your mold again.

But no worries if it does stick and you end up cutting it out. That is why you are using free molds that you found around your home. So once you have your epoxy project out of its mold, you may have to sand it down some. And if you do have to sand it, then use some very light grit paper.

And once you are done with your sanding of it, you may want to use something else on it to make it shine better. I have used things like car wax. I am not really sure what is considered the very best thing to use on epoxy. But I do know that the wax does work too get your project really shining.

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So make sure and be safe if you decide to try any of these epoxy projects. And I hope that it works out well for you. Drop a line and drop a like if you like these projects. And make sure that you follow me if you would like to get more posts on different types of diy project ideas.

Glitter catch all epoxy project
Triple Candle Epoxy Holder
Single candle
Double epoxy candle holder
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