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16 Creative & Different Ways You Can Use Epoxy Resin In Projects Or Everyday Life

16 creative and useful ways to use epoxy resin

So in this post I am going to share with you 16 different ways that you can use epoxy resin. Ways you can use it in your projects, or how it can come in handy in just everyday life. Just click on the highlighted hyperlinks to go to the actual post that I had published on epoxy resin projects I have done since I started working with epoxy. These will take you to my actual posts that will tell you how to make these epoxy ideas I have listed on here.

So we will get started on my list I have come up with so far for creative and different ways you can use epoxy resin in projects and everyday life. And here is number 1 on my list.

1. Use Epoxy To Fix Your Cars Gas Line

Yes you heard me right. You can use epoxy resin to fix a gas line leak in your vehicle. I all of a sudden one day discovered at the gas station that as soon as I would start to try and fill my gas tank up, there would be gas pouring out of the car. Somewhere along the line I had developed a leak in the gas line of my Nissan Sentra car. So I was doing projects with epoxy at this time and was beginning to discover a lot of its useful qualities. And I had definitely seen something along the way on how epoxy could withstand very high temperatures, which made it a very good fix all for things that may go wrong with your car.


So I of course decided to try my epoxy on the leak. And I will say that the stuff does hold up under some pressure. I did not fix the actual leak all of the way with my regular epoxy, but I did put a little bit of a lid on how much was coming out when I went to fill my tank up. Slowed it way down compared to how much was coming out in the beginning.

So anyways I am going to enclose a link below for some actual epoxy putty that works much better in situations like these. My regular epoxy was way too thin to really be able to get it up in there very effectively. That is why they make the epoxy putty, and they make it to withstand very high temperatures. Much better to use the actual stuff they make for it, than to try it how I tried it. But nonetheless I figured that I would share that little bit of knowledge about epoxy resin that I had acquired!

2. Candleholders

So I have made some really cool interchangeable candle holders. Each one I made was a little bit different than the other. Sharing one common factor between them, the tea light candles can be taken out once they are used up and replaced with a brand new. Ensuring that you can keep your epoxy candle holder going on for a long while.

My Triple Tealight Candle Holder

3. Spruce Up An Old Guitar

So here was a really interesting project that I undertook using epoxy resin, with my acoustic guitar that my boyfriend had talked me into getting. I decided that I did not care much for the way that it looked. So I decided to experiment with it using epoxy on it. So I decided to mix my epoxy with pour painting. Another type of project I had just recently learned how to do. So click on the link above to go check out how I did this and see how it turned out.

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4. Decorative Jewelry Holder

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So here is another thing that a person could do using epoxy resin. And I think that it turned out pretty cool. Click on the link above to see how I made the jewelry holder above using epoxy resin and concrete.

5. Seashell Table

Here is another really cool thing that you can use epoxy resin for. Making a Seashell Epoxy Table. I have made a couple of the seashell tables so far. And they have turned out really awesome. So be sure and click on the link to check out how I made my Seashell Epoxy Table.


6. Reversible Epoxy Tabletops

Reversible Epoxy Tabletop

Here is another awesome way to use epoxy resin. Tabletops for your coffee table in your living room. And in this post that you can click on to read you will see that these are reversible epoxy tabletops. So this way if you get bored with one side you can just flip it over and have a different scene on the other side.

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7. Epoxy Planters

So for #7 on my list is epoxy planters. Definitely check these cute little home decor figures out. They are incredibly easy to make and there are so many options that you can do with them.

8. Wooden Epoxy Clocks

For #8 I have wooden epoxy clocks. These little beach scene clocks are really easy to make and are very cute to use for your home decor or you could give them away for presents. They would make really great gifts for people so long as yours comes out right when you make it lol.

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9. Epoxy Beach Scene With Magnet

So for #9 on my list of creative ways you can use epoxy, we have my epoxy beach scene with a magnet in it. This thing is really cool and it also has some useful qualities for a person. Having the magnet inside of it makes it incredibly useful for keeping things nearby with very little ease. I use mine to hold screws and other misc items that I am always needing and can never hardly find.

Beach scene epoxy sandal with magnet inside
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I would like to disclose that I might end up making a small commission off any qualified sales that might occur from my advertisements that I have on here.

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10. Wooden Cross & River Rock

So for our #10 we have my wooden cross set in epoxy and river rock. This project turned out better than I had anticipated actually. And it was not hard to make at all. You can hang it on your wall as a plaque, or you can set it up in other different ways. However you would want to display it. So check out my post on Wooden Cross & River Rock

Epoxy resin cross with river rock

11. Epoxy Resin River Tree Stump

So for my #11 on creative ways to use epoxy resin we have the epoxy resin river tree stump. There are so many cool ways that a person can do the river running through with epoxy and tree stumps. And you will get better at them the more you do them, if you decide to try one of these out.

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12. Cover Your Countertop After You Tile

My countertop I did in tile and covereed with epoxy to protect it

So this was one of my first kitchen countertops that I have done in tile. And after I got it done I decided to cover it all with epoxy in order to protect it and keep it nice. Definitely click the hyperlink above so you can check out my post on this tile countertop with epoxy over it.

13 Protect Your Newly Laid Tile Island

So here is another thing you can do with epoxy resin. Protect your newest projects around your home with epoxy resin. I did my entire island with broken tile pieces. And then I covered it with epoxy in order to protect it. Epoxy Resin is definitely a very hard substance once it cures all of the way. It will protect whatever you have it over, so long as you end up doing everything right.

14. Fix Tools That Need Heavy Duty Holding Power

So I have found out over time that epoxy is really amazing on bonding some broken things back together. I have used epoxy on a porch swing that I was trying to makeover for my daughter, and I have used it on a spade shovel that lost its top. After putting the epoxy on it I had no further problems with its head coming off again.

15. Use Epoxy While You Are Pour Painting

So for #15 on my list of things you can do with epoxy resin is using it in with your pour paintings. I love to pour paint. And I really love pour painting with epoxy. It will give your painting all kinds of protection when you are done with it. Plus it will give your painting a whole new look at the end of the day. If done with epoxy resin.

Pour Painting I Did With Epoxy
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16. Epoxy Catch All’s Or Ashtrays

So I just recently started trying to make ashtrays and epoxy catch all’s. I had never tried using epoxy like I did when I worked with concrete. With concrete I was always trying to make things like plant holders or decorative vases. So I would pour my concrete and then put another object in the concrete with some weight in it to give you the inside of the object you were working on. With epoxy I guess I didn’t think that you could do that. I guess maybe I thought the stickiness and mess that epoxy brought to the table just made it too hard to do something like that.

Epoxy Candle Holder With Flowers inside

Well I found out that it is not actually that hard to do as long as you use the right materials when trying to accomplish this. And to accomplish some of these looks I have in the pictures below, you would just make sure and use a plastic bowl to hollow out your place in the epoxy. Plastic will not stick really badly to epoxy. I say very badly because I cannot say that it will not stick at all.

Here is one of the epoxy ashtray type deal while it was curing. I had another one of my projects inside of the other one to weigh it down as it cured all the way.
Here is an epoxy bowl that has seashells all through it that I thought turned out really cool.
Here is one that has dried flowers inside of it that I was going to probably going to turn into a candle holder
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This one has dried leaves and flowers all through it with some greenish food coloring added to it.


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