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11 Creative Ways To Store Your Stuff

Creative ways to store things around your home

So I am always looking for better ways to store or display my things in my home. I live in a trailer that is only 700 sq ft at the most. And so therefore I have very little room in my home for storing anything.

And that is all that I seem to do. Bring home more stuff that I then have to figure out where on earth I am going to store it. Or I am struggling with bringing in new items and trying to decide what to do with the old items. Should they be pitched? Or should I give them away? Or should I store them away for the possibility that I may move into a larger place one day?

So I have become a little more creative when it comes to storing my stuff!

Little weird of a picture, but it is my small DIY corner shelves that are holding my sunglasses.

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1. DiY Shelf Brackets For Sunglasses

As with the picture above. I decided to make small shelves going up the corner by my bed. And I started storing my sunglasses on them. They help to keep my sunglasses out of the way, and I can see all of my options for which pair of sunglasses I will be wearing that day.

Some of my shelves in my bedroom.

2. Belts For Shelf Straps

In this picture above, if you look at the top and bottom shelves you will see that those shelves are held up by pieces of belts. I decided to start getting more creative with my bedroom shelves recently.

And so I decided that I would use some of my cooler looking belts as the straps for my shelves. And I decided to really mix it up and just make a bunch of shelves in there, and each one being different than the other with what is holding them up. I have just regular shelf brackets holding one shelf up, and then each of the other ones are with something different.

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My two toned back wall in my living room

3. Two Toned Bookshelf

Here is another cool way to store or display things in your home. This is a great concept for how cool it looks, and by how little space it takes up.

And when you are living in a small space you will definitely be trying to get all the extra space you can get. And so I put these space saving shelves up about a year ago in my home. And I have really loved having them since.

They really look good with their two toned theme. I use mine for storing my smaller books on, along with a couple small plants. And since I don’t have much space in my home , this works great as a mini type of library.

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Tree Stand Bookshelf

4. Tree Stand Book Shelves

Here is a shelf system that I have going on in my trailer in 2 different areas actually. I have one in my living room, and one in my spare bedroom. Which is now the craft room. They work great for holding some of your books you want to display, or your dvd movies. They are really awesome and as long as they are constructed well you can put all kinds of things on them.

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Pieces of flooring that I put together and turned it into a coat rack.

5. DiY Coat, Mitten, And Key Holder

Here is a coat rack that I made as shown in the picture above. It helps a lot with getting rid of messy jackets and gloves just being thrown a strewn. So by making this coat holder made of floor pieces, I now have someplace to Hang all of our coats and gloves that we wear on a daily basis. I also added a small clock inside of the holder. This way you know what time it is right before you walk out the door.

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An old coca cola crate that I turned into a bookshelf.

6. Vintage Coke Crate Turned Bookshelf

So I really like vintage things. And so I love this old Coca Cola crate that I found for dirt cheap. This thing is awesome for so many things. I used it for a while as a holder for all of our tobacco supplies. (We make our own cigarettes) And in the picture above I used it as a bookshelf for a while in my kitchen. It was awesome for storing some of my cookbooks.

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Ladder that I turned into shelves

7. Vintage ladder Turned Into A Shelf

In the picture above I have an old ladder that I had gotten somewhere dirt cheap of course, and I turned it into shelves in my kitchen. I had also used it as a pots and pans hanger for a while. It hung from the ceiling and I displayed all of my favorite pots and pans hanging from it.

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8. Vintage Ladder Turned Into Pots & Pans Holder

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Two Crates Turned Into Towel Holders

9. Vintage Ladder Turned Into Pots & Pans Holder

Ladder Turned Into Pots & Pans Holder

So for this small ladder that I actually made myself, I attached it to my ceiling right above my stove. And then started hanging the smaller pots and pans from it. Along with some wine decor and a few baskets to give it that wine decor look that I am going for in my kitchen.

Another View Of My Ladder Turned Pots & Pans Holder
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Corner Shelves For Your Computer

10. Corner Shelves For Computer

Here was an idea I came up with recently for my extra computer that I was not for sure what to do with. So just sitting there one day contemplating what to do with my old computer, and I suddenly got the idea to put it right there in the kitchen. But back in the corner out of the way. And so I put shelves up in the corners and started putting the pieces of my desktop computer on each shelf. Until it was all done.

And I have to say that it did work out very well in the end. It keeps my extra computer out of the way, which enables me to keep it. Without feeling bad because it is somewhere taking up precious space. And its not making my kitchen look all cluttered up. That is always my main focus these days, keeping everything from looking cluttered, so as that I don’t start getting called a hoarder!

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DiY Epoxy Hand Jewlery Holder

DiY Epoxy Hand Jewelry Holder

So for this creative addition I started with a concrete hand I had done a while back. And did not want to get rid of it, but also did not know where on earth to put it or use it for. Until now. I used it in an epoxy project and it worked out great. So I epoxied all of my seashells together, along with my hand, and turned it into a jewelry holder.

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