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DIY Spray Painted Rugs

Cheap, easy, diy, home improvement project by spray painting your current carpet or rugs.

So today I am going to show you how I took my living room rug from this


To This.


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And I was able to do it within about hours. And the cost was very little.

So here is what you will need.

So you will obviously be needing a variety of spray paints in order to achieve the look I have here.

Here are the colors that I used in my rugs.

Black, Burgundy, A dark blue, A light blue, gray, gold, brown, and off white.

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And here is something I stumbled upon on Amazon and I just think this is just too cool! I will definitely be looking into getting myself one of these here soon. Figured I would share the link with you in case we have some people who decide to start trying their hand at spray painting rugs! Click Here or click on the picture to shop for your own spray painting tent!

“I would like to disclose that as an Amazon Affiliate I might make a small commission from any qualified sales that would come from these links”.

But you can do your rug anyway that you want to do it. If you want to do only black, white and gold, then you can. There are no rules.

And it is very easy to do. The fans I have on the list is for some ventilation. Because let me assure you that you will need a few of them if you end up doing your rug inside.

Or if you do your whole carpet. Then it’s a little bit harder to be taking it outside for a spray paint job. Or if your rug is like mine and is really big.


Now if you have a rug that you can reasonably pick up and carry outside, then I would strongly suggest that you probably do it that way. It will save you a lot of taping time and let you breathe a little easier.

Here is a smaller piece of the carpet remnant that I decided to turn into a rug for my closet.

I would also strongly suggest wearing a mask while you are doing it. I personally have never worn a mask when I go out. Unless I absolutely had to. And I could have probably gotten out of it with my disability, but it was not worth all the fuss when it came to the few times that I went in someplace that actually required it.

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Living in a small town is a lot different when it came to the mask mandate. Nothing like the bigger cities I found out. But anyways I was definitely wearing a mask for this particular project!

Getting Started

So what you will want to do is to clean your rug. Vaccuum it at least. Now mine was all stained up from doing paint projects in my living room. So I did this just for the sole purpose of covering all of that up. While also getting to try out a different project.

So once your rug is swept, you will then want to tape it. And you can tape it however you want to. Once again there are no rules to it. Just go for a design that is appealing to you.

Here is the remnant as I was going along and not quite done with all my spray paint sections.
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Once you have it all taped off, you will then start your spray painting of your different sections. I just tried to have mine a bunch of random colors that really followed no rules. But I made sure that I kept the same colors away from each other. That way it will look better.

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And then once you are done with all of your sections, you will want to put a fan on it to help it dry faster. And I would let it dry for at least 6 hours. This is how long I let mine dry for.

And here is my rug all the way done. Well aside from the fact I need to straighten it out on one side. Almost all the way done!


Maybe I was being overly cautious lol, but I have had bad experiences in the past with trying to rush things.

So then once you are sure that it is dried all of the way, you will want to remove your tape. And you are done!

Image of my carpet remnant in my living room after I got done giving it a makeover with spray paint.
After I was all done with the carpet remnant in my living room!
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As you can see there is not a whole lot to it. It can be a little back breaking at times. When it comes to having to bend over and spray paint close to the rug. Because around all of your edges you will want to get pretty close. That way the paint is not drifting over to the next section, and you will get more definite lines at the end


Which definitely looks better I think. So good luck should you decide to do this project. Feel free to comment and make sure you hit the follow if you want to be notified of new projects I will be posting in the future. Happy projecting and good luck!


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