Here is what one side looks like

So in this post I will be sharing how I made this table top for my new coffee table. I made it by carving the river areas out and then burning it.

And finally I epoxied the entire thing. I actually have a whole bunch of these wood pieces for project making. They were given to us by a neighbor actually.

My piece of wood before I got started

And each piece of wood measures 21”x 21”. They are perfect for a lot of different crafts a person might do. I have actually used some of them while I was making my sectional couch out of pallets.

And now I decided to use them for my coffee table. Because they fit right on top of my table perfectly. And the cool part is I can make up a bunch of different types of wood pieces and interchange them.

This works perfectly for me since I get bored with things quickly. Now when I get tired of this table top I will have another to switch it out with. Well as soon as I get more of them done that is.

Getting Started With The Carving

So I started out with one of my project boards and I started carving out my rivers. I used my multi tool to do this. I started with a sawzaw but found it easier to use my multi tool.

I just did my rivers randomly and how I imagine streams to be running out in the wilds.

The Sanding

After I had my rivers the way I wanted them, I then sanded the entire board down. This took care of all the little splintery pieces of wood going everywhere.

The Burning

So then it was off to the burning of the wood. And since I had a pretty big area to cover, I went with my big blowtorch.

The boss of blow torches!
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So it didn’t take too long with my massive boss blow torch to get all of it burnt. And then once it was all burnt, I sanded it all again. Making sure to try and get down in the river carving areas.

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Once all of this is done, you will now want to get your epoxy resin ready to be poured. When getting your epoxy ready you will want to be sure that you are mixing the exact amount of each part together. And you will want to be sure that you mix those 2 parts very well. If there is any variance in the amount of each part, or if they are not mixed up well enough, you will end up with a sticky mess that will not cure right.

So you will want to add your blue in your epoxy once you have it all mixed up. I used blue acrylic paint to color my mixture this time. I have used everything from eyeshadow to food coloring to get the color I needed.

Though I will give a word of warning when you use some of these things that I have mentioned. I have noticed that when I put food coloring in my epoxy, I have to act fast with getting it poured. If I don’t then I will end up with a cup of hardwood epoxy. Way before I am ready for it to harden.


Something about using these types of things to color it also causes it to cure super fast. They will work fine as long as you get it poured fast. But if you get distracted and happen to take longer than you were anticipating, then don’t be surprised to come back to your epoxy being a large hardened form in your cup.

So get your blue color to the color you want and then you will pour it into your carved out river area’s. You will want to let it cure overnight. Then when it’s done curing you will want to go along your edges and make sure that they are all sanded down.

Here is the other side of the table still in the making

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