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5 DiY Projects That I Did With Sample Boards I Got For Free

I will show you some of my diy projects that I have done using free sample boards

So in this post I am just going to share with you some of my projects that were done with sample boards. Which I get for free from our local flooring store dumpster. I guess they will just throw away the sample boards once a company discontinues a certain product line.


Once I had them at my place I would then take off all of them sample pieces and put them up until I would find some new project that I wanted to do with them. And it has definitely worked out well for me for my projects. I really like the idea of using a bunch of different random type pieces for projects.

Especially with the carpet pieces. I have made a bunch of different types of diy rugs from them. Just by taking all of the sample pieces that I would get, and putting them all together in a cool looking fashion.

And of course the best part is that these sample boards are free! So whe it comes time to take a project apart because I have no room for it, I don’t feel all that bad, because I did not have to put any cash out for it. So I will just take them apart and reuse the sample tile pieces in another project.

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Well you really cannot reuse the carpet pieces. Those most definitely get too dirty around my home to be reused! But the other pieces like tile and flooring pieces, can be reused. I have more projects that I will be posting soon that have sample pieces in them. So I will be updating this post as soon as I get them finished and on here.


So good luck to you and all of your projects that you may take on!

My DiY Sample Piece Rug Free

So this will be a pretty short post, but I wanted to post it to see if anyone out there likes the rug I made from a bunch of sample carpet boards. And I made it for completely free! I had once again raided our local dumpster. Well our local flooring store dumpster I shouldContinue Reading

Free Bathroom Sink Tile Makeover

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Concrete Hideaway

So for this project you will need 1. Concrete or grout 2. Tile pieces or colored rock pieces 3. An old bottle that had a screw on cap 4. Sandpaper 5. Grout sealer (if you use grout) 6. A large metal bowl 7. Pam cooking spray I actually did this one with grout. I didContinue Reading

Lovin Squares Headboard

So for this project I went a little bit out there and it may not be for some. I am of course still trying to finish it and can’t decide exactly how to get the rest of it the way I want it. But I figured I’d post it and if someone out there likedContinue Reading

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