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Little Lick’s DiY Doggie Shirt

Listen to my dog say yea as plain as day when asked if he wants to do video. While also checking out his diy doggie shirt!

Video of Lick
Little Lick in his diy doggie art shirt
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Little Licks video on TicTok

So for this project I decided to do a diy doggie sweater for my boy Little Lick. Who is also a tripod for those of you who do not know much about my blog. And if you are new here then you should definitely check out the “Story of Little Lick”. We just recently lost his mother Katie. Whom I had for 14 years. So needless to say I was devastated by her death.

I literally think of my dogs as my kids. And I love them just like my kids. So it has been very rough getting used to not having Katie around everyday. Rough for poor Little Lick also. He has been very depressed since she passed away.

My very verbal 3 legged dog
Here he is in his diy bandanna I made for him

He is a very verbal, very spoiled hound. Even more so since Katie has passed. So this was a new way to try and spoil him. With his very own personalized shirt!

Well the feeling was not mutual with the shirt. He did not view his shirt as a good thing lol. He gets quite mad when we try dressing him up in anything.

And he is not a bit afraid of letting you know it to. As you can probably tell by the video I posted on tic tok above. He loves to talk to us. If you listen really close in the first video above he says yea very plain when I ask him if he wants to do another video. Then in his tic tok video “I don’t want to be videotaped” he is very verbal on not wanting to be videotaped that particular day.

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People out there who think that dogs do not have emotions, or think they do not feel like we do are crazy I have to say. I have seen Lick express everything from happiness, sadness, and even jealousy. They are just made a bit different than we are and they have to communicate differently than what we do.

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Other than that they express emotions just like we do, they have feelings just like we do, they feel happiness, sadness, and they are just all around better than what most people are in this world. I trust my dogs more than I would almost anyone on this earth. They are not manipulative, and they are truly devoted to the ones they love. And will never throw their owners under the bus for personal gain. Unlike most people that I have known throughout my life.


So moving on. All that we did was take an old thermal of mine and we just cut the sleeves off of it. And the sleeve part is the actual shirt for the dog. It fit him almost perfect. I had to take a little off the back part so that it did not look like a dress, or a cape on him. Then you just cut out the spots for your dogs front legs, and you are done.

Then just trim it according to your favorite hounds size. And always be sure to put your fingers in the hole part where their front legs are going through to be sure that it is not fitting too tightly.

So this doggie shirt started out as a signature shirt. We decided to spice it up a little bit, we would all start signing it. So it started with signatures, just like people do while wearing a cast.


Then it took off from there. Justin started to draw on it one night while I had his shirt off of him. And he really got into it! He ended up decorating the entire shirt with markers. And it turned out really cute I thought.

So if you are looking for a cheap and easy way to dress up your favorite hound in your life, try this easy fashion that is pretty much free. So long as you use one of your old shirts. And most people have some markers laying around their homes somewhere. If not then you can purchase them for less than $5 at most places.

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