4 sided water display
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4 Sided Water Display

This is a diy project making a water display with 4 different sides to it and making it out of an old styrofoam cooler

My water display where I put different tile layouts on each sides of it.

So for this project I started out with an old styrofoam cooler that my half sister gave to me.

styrofoam cooler that I started with

As you can see from my pictures I have shown above I had cut out a hole in each side of my styrofoam cooler. This way while it was standing up you would be able to see all the way through it. This way I could have my water coming down inside with the rainfall effect, and you would be able to see it on both sides.

This is one side of my water display

After I got my holes cut out, I then painted gray grout on the entire cooler. And I cut my holes out using my multi tool. Made by porter cable. This little tool is really amazing. You can do so much with it. And there are all kinds of attachments that you can buy to go with it. I have like 12 attachments. One of those attachments is a sanding tool. Which really comes in handy with a lot of the jobs that I do.


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The one that I have advertised in the picture above is exactly like mine. Except the one above comes with a whole lot more attachments than what mine did. So I can definitely testify that they work very well.

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I then built the top of my water display up some with the excess styrofoam that I had leftover. And then I did the same with it that I did with the rest of my styrofoam, I painted it with the gray grout. And then added some dirt for my spider plant. After I had enough dirt in it to ensure that my plant would have room to grow, I planted him in there and watered him well.

Here is another side of my water display
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Once my plant was all the way taken care of in his new home, I then started putting small pieces of tile all the way around the top part. I used my hot glue gun to secure my pieces of tile to the styrofoam. And it works rather well for bonding the two of them.

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The tile pieces that I used to go around the entire perimeter of my plant area was the small tile pieces that actually come attached to each other. You can tear the pieces off and lay them individually, or you can lay them down all at the same time.

If you keep them together then you don’t have to worry about spacing them. They are all already spaced exactly the same amount apart. If you tear them apart then you will have to make sure that you put some space in between the tiles as you would lay them.

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So I then went over the outside of all of my tiles with grout. It was not too hard working on the different tiles because I was able to turn and lay my makeshift cooler on different sides as I worked on it.

When you are tiling something on a wall for instance, it’s a lot harder to get them to stick to it. Gravity can be a bitch at times! So it definitely made it much easier to be able to lay it however I needed it until I was done.

Now once I got done with all four sides I then started with the inside. I also used gray grout and painted all of the inside with it. Then it was time to rig up something for my water to come down from.

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I believe that I used an old piece of pvc pipe that I had laying around. I have had a bunch of plumbing issues around my trailer in the last couple of years. So I have had a lot of that type of stuff left over.

I then proceeded to drill holes in my pvc pipe. I made a long row of holes throughout the length of it. Trying to make sure and stick to only one side of the tube. If you don’t keep them to one side then you will have random little water streams jetting out every which way there is!


I then took one of my smaller water pumps and attached some hosing from one end of it to the pvc pipe. Then I secured them on each end. Making sure that no water leaks were coming out.

I then secured my pvc pipe to the roof of my water display and plugged up the end of it. That way your water is trapped inside the pipe and has no choice but to come out the little holes that you drilled.

I then hid my hose going up to my pvc pipe with fake plants like ferns. And put other types of fake plants in there to make it all look nicer. And then you are ready to turn it on.

I almost forgot that I added some led lights inside of mine. It was really dark inside of my display and I didn’t like that being so dark. So I added the lights and it helped a lot with being able to see inside of it.

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And when you fill it up with water and turn it on you will want to be sure and check for any leaks that could be happening. You never know with how your water is coming out of your drilled holes. I have had just one little stream that just happened to be streaming right out of my display into the floor. Which of course emptied all of my water out eventually.

So as long as you have no streams going crazy then you should be good. So if anyone out there decides to try this project out then feel free to let me know how it turns out. And feel free to leave any comments below. Good luck and happy projecting!

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