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Wooden Cross And River Rock Set In Epoxy Resin


Wooden Cross Set In Epoxy And River Rocks

This is a custom made wooden cross that I burnt on the ends and then set it in river rocks and epoxy resin. Absolutely beautiful and could be used for many different things. I have mine just sitting on my coffee table.


So for this little project I found a wooden cross at my local thrift store, and wanted to do something with it. I thought it was awesome the way it was so simple and plain. So we decided one day to burn the ends of it and cover it with epoxy.

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That way it would always be protected and it would make it look really good! So after I got done with the epoxy coat over it, I decided that it would look really awesome if it had some of the river rock all around it. So I took one of my plastic forms that I had saved just for epoxy projects, and put my cross and my river rocks in it.

I just positioned my cross in the very center, and then laid the rocks all around it until I filled up every bit of extra space. And then I mixed my epoxy up. Making sure that it was very equal parts. Otherwise you will be left with a very sticky mess that will never cure.

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a wooden cross laid out with pebbles surrounding it, and the entire thing is set in epoxy resin

I then poured my epoxy into my form and made sure I filled up every corner until it was all the same depth throughout. After I shook it around a few times to make sure that everything had settled, I then took my torch to the surface to get out any air bubbles that had formed. Once I had my air bubbles all the way out, I then let it sit on a level surface to cure.

I let it sit overnight just to be safe. The next day I checked it out and it was very solid when I poked my finger at it. So I started to pry it out of my plastic mold. Taking a knife and pushing it down into the sides of it. After I was able to break loose the epoxy from the plastic all the way around, it then was easy to pull it on out of there.

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If you use old plastic containers or lids like I use for molds, then you probably won’t be able to use them too many times before they will break, or you end up poking holes in them. But that is why I use things like old Gatorade bottles, or lids for empty oatmeal containers. They are free basically and I can come up with all different sizes and shapes for my molds. So if they get ruined by me trying to get my epoxy project out, it’s not that big of a deal.

I was only going to throw it away anyhow. So after I got my cross out of its mold, I then just trimmed some of the extra epoxy off of the edges. Making sure that it was all level all the way around my cross and rocks.

a wooden cross set in river rock and epoxy

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And that is it with the making of this project. They are not hard to make. You just need the right supplies and if you don’t mind working with epoxy resin (which is sticky as all get out) then you will be right in there.

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