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How To Get Your Temporary Teeth Working For You

close up shot of justin's teeth showing how he has fixed his missing front tooth
The after picture of justin
close up of justin's teeth showing ho9w he was missing his front tooth
The before picture of Justin

So a lot of us have been there with the missing tooth problem. I know that when my front tooth broke off one fine summer day, I literally thought I would die!


So I was lucky and I had a friend who helped me pay for the dentist bill which was $500! They pulled my other front tooth and put me in a partial. I know that those 2 days I had to walk around missing a front tooth was just awful!

I wouldn’t smile at anyone. And I would hold my hand over my mouth when I talked. Trying to be sure and hide my hideous missing front tooth. As the years have went by I have had more problems with my teeth and had to get a bigger partial basically.

Then my teeth got bad on the sides of my partial. Where you can see them pretty bad. And due to my insurance I cannot get full dentures on the top without having to walk around for 2-3 months without my teeth. Unless I was to buy a temporary for the time without teeth. And of course they were expensive and I would have to pay for them.

So I started trying those temporary teeth that you see advertised everywhere. Some of the names are snap on teeth, and Billy bob gag teeth. Which I guess aren’t so much of a gag these days.

So I tried 2 different types of the cheaper ones. They were a little bit different in the way they were, but not much. Same basic theory. And let me tell you that I had so many problems with those things! I couldn’t get them right for nothing. It didn’t matter how many times I would try it, they just wouldn’t cooperate with me.

I finally ended up saying forget it and throwing them into my back drawer somewhere.

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Until one day an old friend stopped by. And as we were talking we got on the subject of his teeth. He started smiling really big at us and right off it was very obvious he had gotten his teeth fixed.

But of course he had not actually gotten them fixed. He was using one of the same type of temporary teeth deals that I now had chilling in the back of my drawer.

So after talking to him about how good they looked and how he did it, I then decided to give them another try. So I then ordered a bunch of single teeth replacements. I got a whole bag of them for like $20. All of them being the white pellets.

Which is what my friend said he was using. Saying that it was easier to work with those than it was the pink stuff they give you with your snap on smile, or whatever type that you purchase.

When you get the entire temporary tooth replacement kit you will usually get a mold, a strip of pink stuff that you are supposed to get hot and use it for molding your own teeth. Along with your missing teeth. Then you also get these white pellets that you are supposed to put in the place of your missing teeth.

So after talking to my friend I decided to go straight to the white pellets. So when I got them i admit I was still a little bit worried as to whether I could make mine turn out right like my friend did. And of course right off the rip I got some of them stuck in my mouth!


And I do mean stuck! The white pellets after they were softened in some hot water were great at conforming around my teeth. Until they were in there a little too well. So once again I always have to do things the hard way first!

The story of my life. So to shorten this a little bit, I will jump right into our model i have featured on this post.

And that is the boyfriend. Aka justin. So after I got him to actually try the temporary teeth, I couldn’t get him to put them down! He loved them. And unlike me he didn’t have a partial to deal with. Just a couple of missing teeth. That he detested.

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So we decided to do a video of him showing people how to properly work with these white pellets until you get the results you are looking for. And so he shows us in the video that I will later leave a link for, that you first want to get some hot water and make sure it’s very hot for your pellets to go into. You may even want to have it boiling.

Just be sure that you don’t just send them straight to your mouth. They are going to be a little bit hot at first. So your best bet would be to wait just a few seconds to let them cool slightly. And then put them into your mouth.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image_62463026-6322-4dd1-b328-be1a1f70f3d9.img_2252.jpg
The after picture of justin
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2257.jpg
The before picture of Justin

You also will want to use at least 5-7 pellets for each tooth you are trying to replace. In the instructions of one of the snap on teeth I had gotten, it said to use 1 white pellet for each tooth you were missing. Well I have to say that 1 is no where near enough. At least it wasn’t for me or Justin. Now you may be different and prefer less pellets. Just try it out and see what fits you the best.

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So after you get your white pellets melted down and are ready to get started with your mold, you will take it and start putting it up into the tooth that you are wanting to fix. You will have to work with it in order to get it just right. And it will take time and practice to really get it to turn out how you want it.
I can’t tell you how many times I have had to put them right back into the hot water and start over. And the same thing with Justin. He has about drove me nuts with his obsession to get them to look just perfect.
And he has pretty much perfected the temporary teeth that goes into his missing teeth area’s. As you can tell by the picture above.

So I will also say that you will probably want to work pretty fast. These pellets will definitely start to harden pretty quickly. So you won’t have a whole lot of time to get the mold just right. But after you do it so many times and get better at it, you will have no problems with the time frame.

Once you get your tooth all the way right and fitting in there the way you want it, you will then want to take it out and drop it into some cold water. Let it cool so that it hardens all the way. And be sure to not let them stay in your mouth for too long or they may harden and become like mine did. Impossible to get out! I finally was able to get mine out, but it did take some very hot water and a lot of prying. So just be aware. Probably no longer than 2 minutes do you want to leave them in there.

Then after you get your tooth fitting up in your empty area you will want to take it and put it into a bowl of cold water. This will cause your mold to really harden. After it is all the way cool and hardened, you will be able to insert it into your missing tooth area. And if you have done it right it will snap right in there just like the commercial say’s “snap on teeth”.

If you get them all the way right you can even eat with them and you will have no problems. I will say that the more that you eat and drink with them, the sooner they will end up falling out.

We have to remember that this is only a temporary solution for your missing teeth. If you want something permanent then you would have to go to the dentist or go somewhere where you can get dentures made or a partial made. But anytime you are going to go with a permanent solution to your teeth, then you are looking at a lot of money also.

So that is why these temporary replacement teeth are such a great thing. Great for people who do not have the money to go and have their teeth fixed. Or people who just maybe are afraid of going to the dentist. Yet they hate running around with missing teeth in their mouths.


So for only $20 you can have the smile that you have been missing. Which will help with your confidence. I know it definitely help me with my confidence. And it most definitely helped Justin with his missing tooth. He now runs around smiling all the time and telling everybody to look at his teeth so that he can brag about how he did it his self. And tell everyone we know how cheaply he did it. So good luck and I hope that some of you out there will try these temporary replacements. You will be amazed by the results!

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