Different colors of square tiles on round concrete surface
My concrete hideaway

So for this project you will need

1. Concrete or grout

2. Tile pieces or colored rock pieces

3. An old bottle that had a screw on cap

4. Sandpaper

5. Grout sealer (if you use grout)

6. A large metal bowl

7. Pam cooking spray

I actually did this one with grout. I did my first one with concrete. And I have to say that either one will work fine.

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So you will want to get your large metal bowl and spray it really well with a non stick cooking spray. It doesn’t matter if it’s pam or a generic brand. This will help you get your mushroom head out of the bowl.

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Now you will want to position your pieces of tile in the bottom of the bowl face down. You probably can’t get too creative with your pieces of tile. Mainly because you don’t have too much room at the bottom of your bowl. And you will want to position them in a nice looking style but remember that you will have to pour the grout or cement on top of them.

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So you will risk them moving around if you are not really careful. So you will want to keep it simple and pour very slow.

As you will notice on mine that I don’t have them completely finished. I will probably have to go over them and grout in the lines that you can see. I think that will make them look much better, and more stable. That way they don’t slowly just chip away. Until you would start losing pieces of your tile. Once that happens it wouldn’t be long until you lose the entire thing.

So after you get your tiles positioned the way you want, you will now want to mix your grout or concrete. I mixed up about half a bowl full of grout for mine. It was a large mixing bowl that I used for the mixing of my grout.

You don’t want your mixture to be too runny or too thick. Just try and get it about right in the middle. Mine was actually a little bit thick. I had to spoon my grout mixture out and throw the spoonfuls onto the tiles. So I would say to go a little bit thicker than thinner. It makes it easier to get it out and get it over your tiles without messing anything up.

Once you cover your tiles and get your mixture filling up the bottom of your metal bowl, you will then want to get your bottle with the screw on cap.

Take your cap top off and then insert your bottle into the mixture. Filling up your bottle to just below the neck of the bottle. The entire part of the screw on part of the bottle should be submerged.

Once it is dry it will then screw out of your mushroom head made of grout. Once your bottle is in your mixture you will want to make sure it is straight as it dries.

round concrete piece with a hole in it and a bottle beside it

I would let it dry for at least 1-2 days. I got mine out after 1 day. It was dry pretty much but the tile part on the bottom has now become the top. And my top was still a little bit wet.

So I let it then sit and dry for another 12 hours. Because I didn’t want to mess it up by moving it around too much before it had cured all the way.

Once your project is all the way dried and feeling pretty stable to you, you will then take it out of your metal bowl. And you will probably have to take something sharp around the edges of your bottle top to make sure that it will start turning with no problems.

I used a screw to actually get in there and dig around the bottle. Once I got it all loosened up, I then unscrewed my bottle out of my form to make sure everything was good.

Now you can put whatever you want in the bottle part and then put it outside in your yard or garden area.

You can use this project as your hiding spot in 2 different ways. You can just sit it outside. Making it mesh in with your other pretty garden pieces. It looks like a little mushroom sitting out there amongst everything else.


Or you can dig a hole in your yard and bury the bottle part in the ground. Leaving the decorated part on top of the ground. Then it will appear as if you just have a concrete piece out there for the decorating of your yard.


And no one will ever guess that you have something buried right under it holding your important items. So this project would be an awesome way of hiding a spare key for your house in.

Whatever you hide in your mushroom will be kept weatherproof also. I couldn’t believe it when I put some things in my first one and buried the stuff out in my yard for a few days. When I checked on my things a few days later I found them to be perfectly dry. And it had been raining out. So this is an awesome way to hide any little valuable that you may not be wanting anyone to know that you have. So have fun with this project should you decide to try it. It’s a very easy project to do and actually comes in very handy for your secret hideaway for valuables.

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