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Epoxy Resin River Tree Stump

One of my tree stumps I carved out and poured epoxy resin in
Here is another tree stump that I carved out and poured an epoxy river in

So for this project I went to a neighbor of mine who is something of a lumberjack. I purchased a couple different tree stumps from him for my projects I was wanting to try. I ended up getting the double tree stump that I had turned into a side table with a built in light, and I got a regular tree stump to turn into a table with the epoxy river in it.

This one is the double tree stump turned into a side table

For the double tree stump turned into a side table, I carved out along the edge of the main tree stump on bottom. I just went along with a spot that was already in it. I think it was an axe line that had been left while they were cutting them. And since there was already a spot started, I just took off where they had left off.

So I went ahead and got my multi tool, made by Porter Cable, and started making my river pathway.

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So after I carved out the area where I wanted my river to go, I then just cleaned the inside of it out so that there was no debris left in it and it was pretty much smooth all the way through. I then taped the ends of it. This is so that your epoxy resin does not run over the sides. If it does run over your sides then you will end up wasting a lot of your epoxy.

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So you will want to be sure that your ends are really secure. And before you start to pour your epoxy you will want to be sure that you have a large piece of plastic put down under where you will be working. And be sure to have your gloves, mixing materials, and everything else that you are going to be using during your pour. You will not want to be having to run around looking for items after you have your epoxy mixed.

Once you are ready to do your pouring into your carved out area of your tree stump, you will want to mix your epoxy resin. Make sure that you mix equal parts of your epoxy. If they are not the exact same amounts then your epoxy will not cure properly. And you will want to be sure that you stir your epoxy for at least a few minutes. That being if you are not mixing up a whole lot. If you are mixing up a whole gallon or more then you should stir it for at least 5 minutes. This will ensure that your epoxy is completely mixed up properly. If you don’t get it mixed up right, then your epoxy will not cure properly. Leaving you with a sticky mess that will not ever harden.

Once you have your epoxy mixed up, you will want to add your blue coloring. There are many different types of things that you can use in order to achieve your blue for your river. I used dark blue acrylic paint for mine. It doesn’t take much when you use paint. As opposed to food coloring, which will take more if you want to achieve a darker blue look. But even with food coloring it will not take much to achieve the blue you desire. Not when you look at how much is used out of your bottle when your done.

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So when you get the color that you want after mixing your color additive to your epoxy, you will want to pour your epoxy into your carved area of your tree stump. You will want to let your resin dry according to how deep you went with your river carving. If you only went a couple inches down, then it won’t take quite as long to cure. If you went deeper or made your river really wide, then it will take a little bit longer for the epoxy to cure.

On a norm most people would probably let their projects like this cure for a whole 24 hours. Just to be safe. I did not add anything to my colors when I did this particular tree stump. I just let it stay a very dark blue. I liked the look of the really dark blue for the water. Now on my other stump that I displayed, with the 3 different channels of river going through it. I did add some white to it as I went. Swirling it through it as it was drying.

The tree stump with 3 river channels running through it
My tree stump with the dark blue river in it

I also used a blow dryer on the epoxy after I added the white to it. To mix it through the streams a blow dryer or a heat gun will work great. Whether you do only a dark blue or you add some white to get different effects with your stream, you will want to use a heat gun or a blow torch on your epoxy in order to get the bubbles out of it.

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Just take any type of torch and go over the surface of your epoxy. Making sure not to stay in any one position for too long. As you lightly go over the entire surface you will see how it makes a change in the epoxy. Taking away all of the bubbles as you go. A heat gun will also work to get all of the bubbles out. I did not have a heat gun. So like I said, I used a blow dryer. And it worked just fine also. You will want to be sure that your blow dryer is a fairly new one though. Make sure it works really well and is not one that is barely holding on in its electronic life.

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I am not quite finished with either of my tree stumps. They could both use a little bit more work. But who knows when I will get to actually finishing them up

So I decided to go ahead and do this post on epoxy resin river tree stumps. So no matter how your epoxy project turns out just remember that you will get better at it as you go.

So good luck in all your project making and sign up to be involved in all of my new projects I will be posting on here!


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