What you will need for this project:

  1. Epoxy Resin 1-2 gallons
  2. Coloring for resin (green)
  3. Seashells
  4. Small bench
  5. Tape
  6. Border to hold epoxy in (I used vinyl flooring piece)
  7. Piece of plastic (for keeping epoxy off your floor)
  8. Plastic Gloves
  9. Stir stick
  10. Plastic cup to mix epoxy in (preferably a few)
This was the small bench table before I got started turning it into an epoxy table

So I got myself started with this project by finding this little bench in the local flooring store dumpster. Just like so many of my items that I use on here for my projects.

Someone had pitched it and I thought that it was adorable. Just because of the smallness of it. The legs fold in on both sides. Making it even smaller when you might need it.

So I wanted to try to do one of the pours I had seen on YouTube. I loved the deep pours that you can see in them. But I am strapped for money most of the time.

So I decided to try a smaller version by doing my smaller work bench. This way I wouldn’t have to have quite as much epoxy for the whole project to actually turn out right.

I knew that if I did a large one that while it would be awesome, it would also require a lot of the epoxy. And at $43 a gallon that is alot of money for me.

Especially when I would have to buy 2 gallons at a time basically. In order to realistically do a large table of epoxy resin it would easily have taken 2 gallons.

So I decided to start small. And I did mine a little different than most do. In the way of using the little work bench as my table and just adding epoxy to it as I built up the sides.

Another view of the small bench
And yet another view of what the bench looked like before I got started on it
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And I built up my sides by using tape and pieces of vinyl flooring. Once again the vinyl flooring was what I had gotten out of the local flooring stores dumpster. So I had plenty of it, and it was free. When you get stuff like that for free, and you know that they were throwing it away anyways, it doesn’t bother you much to use it in projects like these.

Here is what it looked like after I got the first few layers on it.
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So even after I stapled the tape to the bottom wooden part of my little bench I then put a piece of the vinyl flooring all the way around it also. I then even went ahead and put hot glue in between the vinyl flooring and my epoxy project. Just to try and make sure that I did not have any major leaks. And you want to know what? I still had some leaks come through! So as we know by now, I am not your everyday Martha Stewart. I am learning myself as I am blogging. And just trying to share with everyone the trials and errors that I am going through.

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So on this blog of mine you will find all kinds of honesty when it comes to what I really encountered while doing a project of mine. Live and learn right? And the way I look at it, I think it is refreshing to hear the horror stories that people will encounter along the way to getting their perfect projects.

Because sometimes when you stumble onto a website of perfectness it is a little discerning when you see all of these perfect projects being assembled by someone. And they never show you or tell you about some of their first projects that they had done. Or about some of the projects that came out a complete disaster. You may start to think in your head that if your projects are not coming out just like some of these blogs projects, that you might as well wrap it up.

None of us like to do something and know that our something is no where near what it should be. That we have a lot of work to do on it in order for it to even come close to standing up with all the other projects of the world. It does leave you feeling flustered and aggravated at times. So this is why I decided to start posting a lot of my projects that I did not feel all the way comfortable with. I knew that they were not the best projects on the internet. And I really wanted for a lot of them to look way better than what they were looking.

But I thought about it and figured that maybe it would be something of a good thing for some people out there. That way as I grow and get better in some of the projects that I do, then people could see these and grow with me. Seeing that not every blogger starts off being really good at every single project that they attempt. And I will never be an expert at any one of these projects that I do. Because I enjoy doing so many different things.

I do not stick with just one type of project in my life. I will do something for a while and then move onto something else. Just because I love learning about new things. And I will admit that I get bored with things easily. A character flaw of mine. I have tried to work on it some. But I can even remember as a child going through my entire bedroom at home, rearranging everything. I would rearrange and deep clean every single piece of furniture that I had in my bedroom. Until I would have it looking just perfect. And then I would do it all again not even a month after I got the first look conquered.

So anyway after I got the sides of my epoxy table built up, I then poured my epoxy. I poured it in layers. Letting about half an inch of epoxy harden all the way and then I would pour another thin layer of it. I put the seashells in the epoxy as I was going. That way the seashells would be layered looking as I went up. I used a laundry dye for the green coloring that I used.


Which was a very pretty color, but in the end of my table project I have noticed that you cannot really see the seashells that are in the middle of the table. I went a little bit too dark. If a person were wanting the shells to be seen in the middle, then you would have to go with an almost clear look to it. Barely using any color at all. So a word to warn you if you decide to try a project just like this one. It will be a waste of money in shells if you put a bunch through the middle and then use a lot of coloring.


But at least the ones at the top you can see. And I left some of them sticking out at the top. Like my star fish looks really cool. He is submerged in epoxy in most of his areas. Yet the middle part of him is sticking out at the top. I also used real sand at the end of the table. I just used some regular sand that I had been using for my water displays through the summer. I mixed epoxy resin clear with the sand, and then spread it throughout the one end of the table. Making it a little thicker so it appears to have some depth with the entire table.

I ended up going almost all the way clear with my last couple layers of epoxy. Just to try and make sure that you could see some of the seashells in the table. If I had not gone clear at the top then you probably would not have been able to see any of the shells. And I would have really been devastated by that! But like I said. Live and learn.

Here is a picture of my table when I had just a few thin layers done.

And in the end I decided to put some crashing waves going into the shore. As you can see in the picture below. Being where my sandy beach was at. Well at least I hope that this is what it resembles. This was my first time doing an epoxy project such as this. And I have not had much experience with putting waves in. So I am learning on how to make them look realistic. So you be the judge of which look that you like the best. The before without the waves, or the after with the waves?

Feel free to leave your comments. And be sure to follow or sign up if you would like to see more projects such as this one in the future,

Here is the latest look of my seashell epoxy table
Here is a picture of my little table after it was finished. And before I added the waves. Though I had not finished it with the polishing or the last clear coat of epoxy.

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