My First Attempt At Doing Epoxy Resin Guitar


So as you see above I have started trying my epoxy projects on different types of things. I had an old acoustic guitar that I should have gotten a picture of before I started, and yet I did not! I could kick myself when I do these types of things.

But this guitar was old and it was not all that appealing to the eye. In my opinion of course. But I will pull up a picture of what the guitar looked like before I did my epoxy pour, that way everyone can get a good idea of the before and after. It should be no problem finding one that looks just like that one did. There are a million of them in the world if not more.

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That being the reason I decided to try this out on the poor dull thing. In my opinion it looks way better now. It has some style! Instead of looking just like so many other brown acoustic guitars in this world, it now has a style of it’s own. And there is not another one just like it anywhere in the world! You ensure that when you do a pour painting, or a pour painting with epoxy.

So you can see below the before and after pictures of the guitar.

The before

This is the exact same guitar as what mine is. It is called a First Act acoustic click here to shop for your own!

The after

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Because of the unique designs that are captured as a result of pour painting in itself, a person could use the same colors, same technique, same surface, and try to recreate a certain look a thousand times, and still never be all the way successful. There would always be a little bit of a difference in the pour paintings. Just like there are no 2 snowflakes, or no 2 fingerprints alike in the world, it is the same for epoxy pour painting.

So to achieve this look on this guitar I used epoxy resin clear, and paint. The paint colors that I used were a dark blue (magenta) I think would be the correct term for the color I used. A dark gray, light gray, white, red, and black. But for the black I had no regular paint in black, so I used what I had, spray paint. And it worked out just fine. I just sprayed it into my layers of paint where I felt that I needed it.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_1751.jpg

All I did was start my pour with the layered effect. I started with the dark blue in the very bottom. Then I went to white, then dark gray, spray paint black, red, and then I believe I went back to the white. And for each layer I used about a quarter inch of paint in a plastic measuring cup I had extra laying around the kitchen.

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I have heard of people using certain types of things to put in with their paints to keep them from mixing together as they do the layers. I will admit that I had never heard of whatever it is that they use. And I did not have any of whatever it is they call it. And so I did not use it. And I had no problems with my paints pouring out. They did not mix together to create one big crazy color. So long as you do not start stirring them together then in my opinion you will be fine.

And when you dump your cup with all of your colors onto your surface you should have no problems with your colors mixing together, so long as you don’t take a paint brush, or your gloved finger, and mix them together. I dumped mine onto the guitar and then started tilting the guitar this way and that way letting them all run on their own. Steering them in the direction that I wanted them to go and then turning the guitar to make them flow another direction before they had time to start forming lines.

As an affiliate marketer for Amazon I may make a small commission from qualified sales.

And it is all just a matter of personal preference on how you do your pour. You will start to see different patterns and designs as your paints start going everywhere on your surface. You are in charge of how you want them to look. You can make them run faster by tilting your project steeper and letting them go. Or you can give them a small incline so that they run slower. You can make them keep changing directions really fast. Or you can make them take on very few directions if you choose.

It is all in your hands. That is the fun of pour painting. Now when you are using the epoxy resin with paints to achieve a pour painting, there will be some very big differences in how they will react. When you add epoxy to the scene you are now on limited time. As we all know, epoxy will harden pretty fast. And once it hardens it hardens. It does not play!

So keep this in mind when you add epoxy resin and do any type of pour with it. The more epoxy you are using, the more time you will have before it gets really thick and starts hardening. The less amount of epoxy, the less time you will have to get it poured. A small amount of epoxy can harden sometimes before you know it.

It happened to me once. I had a small amount to touch up a tree trunk that I was doing. I got sidetracked just for a few minutes and when I went to pour the epoxy out, it was all the way hardened in the bottom of my cup. It came out in the form of the bottom of my cup. (Which was pretty neat actually) but I had no use for it. So I had to throw it away and go get some more to mix up.

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And anyone who knows a little about epoxy resin will know that it is not cheap at all. When I first started buying it I was buying it from local businesses. And these local places only would sell like 1 oz containers, or possible 5 oz containers. If you were lucky enough to find some of the 5 oz containers of it. And I was getting charged like $6-$8 for an oz of the stuff. So lets do the math on how much you would pay if you were buying it in small quantities at local places, as opposed to buying it online in a more bulk manner.

I get it now for $42-$55 a gallon online. And usually the more you buy the more your going to save. So if you were paying $6 for an oz at your local hardware store and there are 128 oz in a gallon. That would be 128x$6=$768! Now is that not crazy! While you can order it online by the gallon For lets say $55. So we are talking about $713 difference in the cost. Granted most people are not going to go out to their local hardware store and buy 128 1 oz tubles of epoxy resin. Just so they can do a project.

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But when you are just beginning to work with the stuff and you know nothing about nothing, you might end up putting out some extra cash that you really should not be putting out. I was doing that in the beginning. Just because I knew nothing about where to buy it, or how far a certain amount will go. And I was just excited to get started on a project, and so I went to local places and would buy like 5 or 6 tubes of whatever they had in stock.

Now that I know a little bit more about how epoxy works, and where you can get it in bigger amounts, I would not recommend to anyone the purchasing of smaller amounts from their local hardware stores. I mean if you just need a very small amount for something, then by all means that is the way to go. But if you are planning on doing any type of projecting with the epoxy, then I would definitely recommend going with the online purchase of at least a gallon of it.

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And you will be surprised by how far a gallon will go. Especially if you are just doing smaller projects. I was able to do my entire coffee table in my living room.

I also got this far on this little table project that I am working on

I did the epoxy guitar here

My tree stump that I am still working on with the river running through it.

I also did this tree stump with the river running through it. And I ended up wasting a whole lot of my epoxy on this project. All because I did not have the ends secured like I should have and it kept on seeping through and dripping in multiple spots onto my floor!

So as you can see, a gallon of epoxy can go a very long way!

If you would like to get some tips on pouring epoxy resin check out my page The Best Tips When Doing A Guitar Pour, Or Any Other Pour With Epoxy Resin.

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