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Old Tennis Shoe Transformation

So here are the tennis shoes after I got done with them. I have actually lost the original picture of what they looked like. So I can tell you that they were just plain white and not really that white actually.

So the makeover they got really was a great improvement. I actually never wore them before I did this to them. Now I wear them all the time. And that is saying something because I can never find a comfortable shoe to wear.

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After I got done with the makeover

Because of all the nerve damage that happened to me as a result of being paralyzed, I have a really hard time with shoes. I can wear them for a little while and then I have to get out of them and back to running around with no shoes.

After Picture
After Pictures
After Pictures

So like I said, for me to be able to wear a pair of shoes for any amount of time and say they are comfortable, is definitely saying something.

So for this shoe makeover all that I did was take an old pair of guess tennis shoes that I had back in my closet, and put glue and glitter on them.

What you will need for this project is listed below. And I have included links for each one.

  1. Elmers Glue
  2. Small Paint Brush
  3. Black Glitter
  4. White Marker
  5. Old Pair Of Tennis Shoes

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I would like to disclose now that I am an Amazon affiliate. And I could receive a small commission from any qualified sales that may come from the products that I am advertising on my website.


So once you get all of your supplies together then you will want to get a regular sized bowl. Then pour your elmers glue into it. Just start with about a quarter of a bowl full. You can always add to it later if you need to. Then add your glitter. It will take a lot of glitter to really start to notice a big difference in your glue. Once you get it as dark as you want it, all you do is start putting it on your tennis shoes with your paint brush.

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Now you can use masking tape to tape off the bottom part of your tennis shoe to keep them white as you apply your glitter glue. I didn’t do it because it was very easy to just wipe off the little bit that I ended up getting on them. And I was just fairly careful not to get my mixture on the place that I did not want it. But it is just a matter of personal preference on how you want to do it.Sign Up

So once you get your glitter mixture on every part that you want it on, you will then take your white marker and start to color in the sole part of your shoes. The part at the bottom side of your shoe. Not the very bottom. This will really make them stand out once they are all the way done.

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Almost All The Way Done

Now you will just want to let them dry. I put mine in front of a fan for about 4 hours and then still didn’t touch them until another couple hours. I am a very impatient person and so usually I am jumping the gun on my projects. And usually it does not end well when I try to rush them!

I also went ahead and did another makeover on my van’s that I had done earlier this week. I had thought I had posted a how to on those shoes, but I guess I did not. Cause when I went to try and find it I could not. They were my new shoes that I slung fingernail polish all over! So I had originally made them over with silver glitter and glue. So I decided to try a multi color of glitter on them. So I did just the top front part of them with the black glitter I had made up. And I think they turned out pretty cool. I think that they look good with a two-toned look.

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