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Cramped For Space?

This post is giving cheap ideas on saving space around a small home

Using my barstool as a makeshift laptop holder

So I am constantly trying to come up with more room in my small 2 bedroom trailer. I am either rearranging something or bringing in something new and getting rid of something old.

So one day I came up with an idea on how to incorporate my barstool ( that I hardly ever use) and my laptop computer.

So I took an old metal shelf I had leftover and predrilled some holes into my metal barstool. Then I was able to screw some screws in the shelf attaching it to the upper part of my barstool.

Barstool turned laptop stand

Which then gave me my shelf for holding my laptop. I have been having trouble lately with my laptop, and so I have been having to use an external keyboard and a wired mouse that went with the external keyboard.

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So I was now able to put my keyboard and mouse on the seat of the barstool. I then got a piece of wood that fit across the bottom of my chair. Which would now enable me to use the bottom of the barstool for some extra storage.

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Picture of a barstool turned into a computer stand with items being stored on the bottom

I can now keep my notebooks, folders, and other misc items right there with my laptop for easy finding.

It works out great for me because I can keep it right in the living room beside my favorite rocking chair. And if I need to move it, that is easy to do being that everything is on a chair basically.


So if you too are lacking space living in close quarters, you may want to check out this idea to help utilize every piece of furniture that you have to help get yourself more organized. And check out my post on 8 must have storage and organization items

Good luck and happy decorating!

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