So for this project I went a little bit out there and it may not be for some. I am of course still trying to finish it and can’t decide exactly how to get the rest of it the way I want it.

But I figured I’d post it and if someone out there liked it they will know how to do it. It has not been that hard of a project, but it is a little time consuming.

I wish I had taken pictures all the way through it so I could post them as I explain, but I rarely do that on the assumption that I will not get it quite right. Or it won’t be as good as all the ones I see on Pinterest or YouTube.

I am getting better at the projects that I do but I am no where near what I want to be. So for this Headboard you are just going to get a sheet of plywood (however thick is of your preference). And cut it to however tall or however wide you want it to be. It will all depend on your bed and what you like.

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So then you will take frog tape (or just regular old masking tape) and start laying it out on your plywood board. Once again it’s your preference on how big you want your squares to be, or how wide or if you want them all the same size or not. I didn’t make mine all the same size. They are each a little different on the sizes, but not so much that it’s really noticeable. I just liked how they looked and went with it.

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Then you take your taped up board outside and get out your favorite spray paints. I used gray, black teal blue and a light blue with glitter in it for mine. But whatever colors you want to compliment your room I would just get shades of a couple colors and then put a few bolder colors with them. The type of bold colors that goes with anything.

After letting your spray paint dry all the way, you will then peel off your tape, leaving you with the original color of the wood for in between each color.


I then took a dark stain and painted in between each one of my squares. Being sure I went over it twice because I could still see some of the board color underneath the first coat. And I would use caution when applying the stain (if you even use stain). Once again it’s a person’s preference on what color or type to put in between your squares.

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But if you use stain it does like to run to the sides some as you take it down your lines. I used a paintbrush to put my stain on. It worked out well for me. But there are many ways of putting stain on, and it is just however you feel most comfortable with when you stain something.

But do not forget to wear gloves when staining. Stain is very hard to get off your hands once you get it on them. Not to mention your clothes, and anything else that you may happen to get it on. It’s going to be no picnic when it comes to taking it off anything out there.

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So after you let your stain dry you are then ready to start putting on your tile pieces. I had a lot of different types of pieces that I got for free from sample boards that most flooring stores just throw away. I had all different colors and different sizes of the small types that you use for backsplash most of the time. So I just started positioning them on my headboard until I formed a heart that actually resembled a hear.

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Then after I got them all where I wanted them I then proceeded to glue them down. I ended up using hot glue to get them to stick on there right. I started out trying to use flooring glue. The type that works great for bigger pieces of tile that you are laying down on the floor, or even the wall. But trying to use it for this project was a disaster!

I don’t know y you have ever worked with flooring glue that you use for hardwood flooring, but let me assure you that it is no picnic at all to work with. It is the stickiest, nastiest mess ever to work with! And so it was not long before I had floor glue all over the place. And every little piece had tons of extra glue seeping out the side, looking just awful!

So I changed my whole game plan and took everything off and cleaned my little pieces up and proceeded to start again. But this time I used the hot glue gun. This worked out way better for me. Aside from burning myself a couple times I was able to get them glued down in no time and had no more problems.

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So then you will want to let your pieces forming your heart dry very well before hanging it up above your bed. I let mine dry for a couple hours just to be sure. I then just positioned it above my bed where I wanted it to go, and I screwed a couple screws in at the four corners. This holds it up very well, and you will never have to worry about it going anywhere.

What makes this type of Headboard so great is that it is lightweight, easy to mount to your wall, and can be made in many different types or shapes or colors. So you can just have fun with it.


And if you are experimenting some, I would suggest to just buy a little extra wood for your project in case you decide to try it a different way. Partical boards are not really expensive. I can’t remember for sure but I am pretty sure that the boyfriend got mine at our local hardware store for less than $8 for a whole sheet.

And your leftover board from your Headboard can be used for other projects that you may decide to try. So happy projecting! I hope it turns out well for you if you decide to try it out.

I am 47 and have 3 grown daughters. And I have 1 granddaughter who I am crazy about! I am a recovering heroin addict who has now been clean for over 7 years now. Well I should say clean from needles for that amount of time. I can’t say completely clean because my Dr’s had me on methadone pills for a while when I was first released from the hospital. I then self medicated myself and went to a Dr for a while for suboxone. Which I then used to get myself off of the methadone pills. I was paralyzed as a result of using needles. My Dr’s never thought that I would walk again with the amount of infection they had to remove from my spinal cord. Yet I am now walking! Unassisted even. I do not require a cane or anything to walk now, is what I mean by unassisted. I do better with a cane but I can actually do it without it. So I have been back to school and almost have my associates degree in general studies. I was focusing on going to school to be a drug and alcohol counselor. I have changed my mind on that now and I have been focusing on doing affiliate sales and working on my website. These projects that I have been doing for the last 4-5 years is what has been literally saving my life! And keeping me off of the drugs! I am trying to bring about some awareness concerning addiction and what can happen to a person if they use needles with my website. Though I changed my mind on working as a counselor I still want to try and help others out there who are still struggling with their addictions. So I hope that you will follow me either on my blog or my Facebook pages and help support getting addicts the help that they really need. Instead of the stereotype labels they get here in America as well as the criminal label they acquire when they cannot just quit their use of drugs or alcohol.

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