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DIY Altered Sweater

Well this will be One of my first postings in regards to do it yourself projects that I have actually done. I am posting a Sweater this time that I have altered. I took some of the before and after pictures so I could show everyone in case it turned out decent.

So what’s a little bit original with this sweater is how I kept the long sleeves on it. Though it appears to be more of a tank top when first looking at it, it actually has its sleeves still on it.


I decided that I had liked the long sleeves with the shoulders out. But on the other hand I really liked the cool look of spring/summer.

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So I left the sleeves inside of the sweater while I tried it on for alterations and I decided to try and keep them in the sweater so as that I could wear it either way.

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I have been a self taught learner with my sewing so far. So while I love it and am eager to learn more and get better at it, I will not be starting my own clothing line anytime soon lol! But I love to sew the things I can and love to give things a new life you could say. Doesn’t matter if it’s a person, a dresser, or an old t shirt. I love to take something that is a hot mess and make it look better!

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Well I will quit rambling on and explain the rest of my sweater. I then took the long sleeves and pulled them to the outside of shirt and sewed them up into pockets.

I love the idea of pockets on everything! I am constantly filling my pockets full of screws and different things as I go around my place doing different projects. If I wear something that has no pockets I feel lost! So it actually worked out well on this one. Except for the fact I can not find the before pictures I took.

So anyway the sweater was altered in me cutting the neck out and pulling the long sleeves inside the shirt and then pulling the ends of the sleeves to the outside and sewing them onto the outside into pockets.


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